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Lower Your Energy Bills with This Dryer Tip

Time: 5 minutes

Have you ever washed your dryer lint filter? Even if it looks clean, airflow may be restricted by a nearly invisible film caused by dryer sheets.

You can test it by pouring water into it - if the filter holds water, it’s past time to clean. When airflow is restricted, it forces the machine to work harder, increasing drying time and energy use.

To clean your dryer lint filter and filter housing:

  1. Remove the lint screen from the filter housing.

  1. Clear the lint from the screen. You can also use a vacuum cleaner and soft brush attachment to remove remaining lint.

  1. Wash the filter using a small amount of detergent and a soft-bristle brush, and let it dry completely before returning it to the machine.

  1. Swap out the soft brush attachment for one with a longer neck, and use the vacuum to remove any lint from the filter housing (also known as a lint trap). If you don’t have a narrow enough attachment on your vacuum, you can also use a swiffer duster or sticky paper from a dog hair or lint remover roll. Simply wrap the paper around your fingers and swipe your hand through the filter housing.

You should wash your dryer lint filter twice a year at a minimum, but we recommend doing it monthly to maximize the benefits.

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