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Tighten and Lubricate Door Knobs and Hinges to Stop the Squeak

Time: 30 minutes

Hear a squeak? There’s a squeak. All the time — squeak, squeak. If you’ve ever had a squeaky door, it can feel like that’s all you hear. But you don’t have to let the noise drive you crazy. Tighten and lubricate your door knobs and hinges to silence that squeak and bring some much-needed peace and quiet to your home.

What's in it for you?

  • More secure doors
  • Better functioning doors
  • No more squeaking

(Show me how)

  1. Inspect the situation. Open and close your doors one-by-one. Hear any squeaks? Determine which hinge the sound is coming from and mark it so you know where to focus later. While you’re at it, check for hinges with missing or loose screws and knobs that rattle or spin too far — You’ll need to lubricate and tighten screws on these.

  2. Tighten loose knobs and hinges. Grab your handy-dandy screwdriver and tighten all the loose screws in your door knobs. Found some missing screws? Measure the hole and head over to your local hardware store — they’ll have replacements. Repeat for all your hinges.

  3. Lubricate squeaky hinges. You’ll need some needle-nosed pliers for this one. Lift out the hinge pin, but be careful not to let the door slip out of place as you do. Wipe the hinge pin clean and put a few drops of lubricant on it — WD-40, cooking oil, or any other lubricant will work just fine. Replace the pin and repeat for the remaining hinges.

  4. Lubricate sticky knobs. If you found some knobs were exceptionally hard to turn, you’ll want to lubricate those as well. Spray some WD-40 (or lubricant of choice) into the keyhole and push the key in and out — this will spread the oil around. Still sticking? Unscrew the faceplates on both knobs and slide them off the doors. Remove the latch plate and latch. Oil everything and then reassemble the lockset. Easy!

Pro Tip: Dry fit all the pieces of your door knob together before tightening any screws. That way, you won’t end up with any misplaced screws.

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