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Seal Granite Countertops for Longer Life

Time: 3 days

Granite countertops add beauty to your kitchen and raise your home's resale value, but only if they're cared for properly. Natural stone is a durable, heat-resistant work surface, but it's also porous, which leaves it open to staining from spills. To prevent damage and keep your countertops looking like new, take the time to reseal them once a year. Here's how to do it.

What's in it for you?

  • Better stain resistance
  • Renewed color
  • Longer life
  • Glossier finish

How to Seal Your Granite Countertops:

Test for water resistance.
Not all granite needs sealing, so it's a good idea to test yours before diving into this project. Place a wet paper towel on your counter and leave it in place for 15 to 20 minutes. If water doesn't bead up and instead soaks in and darkens your countertop, it needs sealing.

Choose a sealer.
A penetrating sealer will add protection without shine; a stone enhancer will deepen the color to renew older counters and add a new sheen.

Clean your counters.
Clear your counters of any appliances and brush away loose dirt and debris. Use a soft sponge and dish soap to gently scrub away any sticky spills or grease. If you have some staining, try a specialized stone cleaner instead.

Allow counters to dry thoroughly.
It's best to allow 24 hours of drying time so every trace of water is gone. If your counters are damp, the sealer won't penetrate properly.

Apply the sealer.
Spray the sealer evenly over your countertops in a smooth, sweeping motion. Use enough to dampen the granite, but not enough to seal it. If your sealer doesn't come in a spray bottle, use a soft cloth to apply it instead.

Allow sealer to soak in.
Follow the directions on the sealer bottle; it typically takes about 20 minutes for the sealer to penetrate the stone. If the directions recommend a second coat, add it now and wait an additional 20 minutes.

Wipe away excess sealer.
Once the sealer is absorbed in the stone, wipe away any that's left over with a clean, soft cloth. This will prevent a dull haze from forming.

Allow the sealer to cure.
Leave your counters alone to dry and fully cure for the next two days. After that, you can replace any appliances and enjoy cooking in your beautiful kitchen for another year.

Pro Tip: It's always a good idea to test the sealer in an inconspicuous corner of your countertops before sealing the whole thing to make sure you like the way it looks when it dries.

Don't have the time or tools to seal your countertops yourself? No worries. At Super, we're big fans of preventative home maintenance and repairs. Save yourself the headache, and schedule a quick pre-winter visit at 844-99-SUPER.

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