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Safely Power Wash Your Home

Time: 1.5 hours

No matter how fresh your paint job is, between rain, mud, and mildew the outside of your house gets dirty–fast. Left unchecked it can even lead to lasting damage. Whether your home is brand new or centuries old, follow a few simple cleaning steps to prevent exterior repairs, and keep your home looking sharp.

What's in it for you?

  • Boost curb appeal
  • Prevent seasonal damages
  • Extend the life of your paint job


  1. Patch cracks or gaps. Repair any damaged spots before starting any cleaning. Make sure there are no gaps or cracks in the material of your house. This includes brick, wood, siding, etc. Repair any damaged spots, and allow for at least a week of good drying weather before cleaning.

  2. Close it up. Make sure all your doors and windows are closed and sealed before you power wash. You should also move any furniture or outdoor equipment away from the house, and cover nearby plants with tarp.

  3. Low pressure is good pressure. Using the lowest setting possible and a 40° angle spray nozzle, attach your power washer to your garden hose. Keeping the nozzle 6 inches or more away from your surface, carefully wash the exterior of your house. Start from the bottom up and avoid windows and delicate areas.

Pro Tip: Never use any of the heavy power washing settings on your house–you risk blasting holes in the outside surface or forcing water into the interior walls of your house. When in doubt, use a regular garden hose instead.

  1. Get to scrubbing. With cleaning detergent and a scrub-brush, wash the areas of the house that are too fragile to be power washed or that have lingering mold or mildew present. For hard to reach areas, use a brush that has an extendable pole attached. Rinse with a regular hose.

  2. Don’t forget the gutters. Using the same setting as before, power wash along your gutters to remove any dirt or grime. For gutters that need a deeper cleaning follow these steps. Let your home dry fully for several dry days before touching up paint or any exterior areas.

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