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Safely Move Heavy Furniture

Time: 30 minutes

Whether you’re moving, or simply cleaning, moving heavy furniture without proper technique can be hazardous to your health–and your things. Grab a partner, and follow these easy tips to get even the most cumbersome furniture safely from point A to point B.

What's in it for you?

  • Save money by not hiring help
  • Make cleaning your home easier
  • Prevent potential injuries


  1. Make a plan. Take inventory of all the heavy items you need to move and their locations (including where they need to be moved to). Gather any materials you need for each item ahead of time: moving straps, blankets, furniture dollies, or sliders.

  2. Break it down. Take apart your furniture as much as possible before moving them. Remove and empty all drawers, cushions, or extra elements and move them first. Wrap any surfaces with sharp angles with tape, or delicate surfaces with blankets.

Pro Tip: If you need to remove any screws or fixtures, make sure you store and label them in small bags so they don’t get lost or mixed up.

  1. Lift with care. Using blankets or sliders under your furniture, slide your furniture as much as possible–avoid lifting or carrying unless absolutely necessary. If it can’t be avoided, follow a couple rules: keep items as close to your body as possible, and lift using your legs and arms (NOT your back), keeping your body straight.

  2. Stay safe on stairs. Grab your partner and a hand truck. Secure the furniture onto the hand truck with straps or bungee cords then wheel the items to the top of the stairs. With your partner bracing from below, grip the hand truck and tilt it back to lean some of its weight against you. Carefully roll it down one stair at a time.

Pro Tip: Go as slow as you need–rushing during this step could lead to serious injuries.

  1. Plan to unload. In the same way, you planned to load up the furniture you’re moving, have a plan prepared for how you’d like to unload your furniture. Move the largest pieces first, and keep an eye on the space as you go.
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