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Clean or Replace Tarnished Door Handles

Time: 45 minutes Like anything you use every day, your interior door handles can easily get tarnished or worn out. But don’t let the fear of a costly professional

by Super | 11 September 2019

Clean Your Outdoor Trash Can

Time: 30 minutes Throwing out garbage is one of the most dreaded household chores. No one wants to deal with spilled garbage or residue that can build up on the

by Super | 05 September 2019

Paint a Room (Like a Pro)

Time: 5 hours Whether you’ve just moved in, or you’re in desperate need of a change, fresh paint is the best way to give your rooms a new

by Super | 29 August 2019

Safely Move Heavy Furniture

Time: 30 minutes Whether you’re moving, or simply cleaning, moving heavy furniture without proper technique can be hazardous to your health–and your things. Grab a partner, and follow

by Super | 21 August 2019

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Time: 30 minutes Colorless, odorless–and dangerous. Carbon monoxide can pose serious health risks when left undetected. Like commonly-installed smoke alarms, not all homes are equipped with alert systems for

by Super | 15 August 2019

Safely Power Wash Your Home

Time: 1.5 hours No matter how fresh your paint job is, between rain, mud, and mildew the outside of your house gets dirty–fast. Left unchecked it can even

by Super | 08 August 2019

Find and Repair Air Leaks

Time: 30 minutes Nobody wants an energy bill that looks like they’ve been cooling (or heating) the great outdoors. If you’re following these tips to make your home

by Super | 01 August 2019

Treat Your Deck for Mold and Mildew

Time: 1 hour You’ve uncovered the grill, dusted off your outdoor furniture, and followed these steps to prep for enjoying time outside on your deck. The final thing to

by Super | 27 June 2019

Stop Ice Buildup in Your Refrigerator

Time: 30 minutes Does the inside your refrigerator or freezer look like a scene from the last ice age? Frost and ice buildup from excess moisture can be a sign

by Super | 20 June 2019

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Time: 1 hour Shocked (pun intended) at this month’s energy bill? Even owning certified energy-saving appliances, can’t guarantee that your home is energy efficient. Follow these steps to

by Super | 12 June 2019