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Is Your Washer a Flood Risk?

Time: 5 minutes You would never hand wash your clothes. So don’t skip a 5 minute check that could save you thousands. While convenient, your washer is also one

by Super | 07 July 2020

Repair Mailbox Damage

Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour There’s something exciting about getting snail mail, but your weather-worn mailbox deserves some love too. Give it some U.S. Post Office-approved TLC

by Super | 25 June 2020

Replace Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Time: 10 mins No one wants to think about plumbing gone wrong, but toilets clog and so do sinks. Some clogs are worse than others and sometimes you’ll even

by Super | 12 June 2020

Tune Up Your Lawn Mower for a Spiffy Lawn

Time: 30-60 minutes Your lawn mower is the heavyweight champion in the fight against an ugly lawn. Show the champ some love with a routine maintenance to keep it running

by Super | 03 June 2020

Give Your Grout a Good Scrubbing

Time: 45 minutes Grout is a crucial element of your tiling. It binds them together, protects them from chipping, and keeps water out. When properly maintained, grout is designed to

by Super | 27 May 2020

Prevent an Ice Maker Meltdown

Time: 15 Minutes There’s something so satisfying about an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. Don’t let a broken ice maker put a damper on your

by Super | 20 May 2020

Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger

Time: 5-10 mins per method The water is flowing into the bowl, but instead of going down the drain, it’s filling the basin. UH OH, your toilet is probably

by Super | 13 May 2020

Pest Control Tips for the Summer

Time: 1 day There's nothing like hot summer days to bring out unwanted pests such as mosquitoes, ants, flies, and gnats. Most insects hibernate or are otherwise dormant during the

by Super | 29 April 2020