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Check Your Home for Water Damage

Time: 1 hour Signs of water damage can range from the extremely obvious to the very subtle–but all types of water damage pose a serious risk to your home

by Super | 30 January 2020

How to Clean Your Showerhead

Time: 5-20 mins Your tap water contains all sorts of microscopic elements and, over time, mineral deposits can build up and clog the small holes in your shower head. The

by Super | 24 January 2020

Garage Door Safety Check

Time: 30 minutes You hit the button, the door goes up, and you’re onto the next activity. Most of the time, we don’t give our garage door a

by Super | 15 January 2020

Fire Extinguisher Safety Check

Time: 10 Minutes The risk of residential fires increases dramatically during winter months. It’s important to make sure your fire extinguishers are in good, working order. So brush up

by Super | 19 December 2019

How to Keep Your Home Insulated

Time: 3 hours’s cold in here. Sounds like the icy bite you feel in the air outside is seeping into your home and making it colder. Before

by Super | 11 December 2019

Clean Your Dryer Vent Ducts

Time: 30 minutes It’s no secret that dryers can become a dangerous fire hazard–but you may not know that this can be easily prevented. Remove lint buildup and

by Super | 05 December 2019

How to Maintain Stainless Steel Appliances

Time: 20-30 minutes Stainless steel is a popular choice for kitchens and even bathrooms because of its sleek good looks and excellent rust resistance. It may be stainless, but it's

by Super | 27 November 2019

Clean Room Vents for Optimal Heating

Time: 30 minutes You’ll find it no surprise that your central heating system is full of a lot of hot air. But if your wall vents or floor registers

by Super | 21 November 2019