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Change Your Air Filter

Time: 5 minutes Want your AC to beat the heat? Replace the air filter. Your filter is designed to keep your AC system clean, preventing breakdowns. Dust and other allergens

by Super | 09 April 2020

Deep Clean Your Oven

Time: 1 day If you do one thing to care for your home this month, roll up your sleeves and give some love to the quarterback of your kitchen, your

by Super | 03 April 2020

6 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet in Great Shape

Time: 5-10 minutes With proper cleaning and care, you can extend the beauty and life of your carpeting. But keep in mind that maintaining your carpet requires more than just

by Super | 27 March 2020

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Time: 1-2 days From pollution to pollen, there are many things that can make the air in your home an irritant. Here's how to keep things clean and healthy so

by Super | 19 March 2020

Make Your Appliances More Energy Efficient

Time: 5-6 hours Your appliances are the powerhouses of your home. From blending to washing, they make every aspect of your day-to-day life more convenient. But are your appliances working

by Super | 12 March 2020

Keep Your Refrigerator Cool

Time: 30 minutes More than 70% of refrigerator service calls could be eliminated with routine maintenance. The best way to avoid a breakdown is to clean your condenser coils and

by Super | 04 March 2020

How to Remove Rust From Your Fixtures

Time: 15-60 minutes Most homes have at least a few metal parts that are subject to rust over time. Rust occurs when ferrous — that is, iron-based — metals become oxidized and

by Super | 28 February 2020

How to Patch Small to Medium Wall Holes

Time: 1-3 hours Over time, your home is subject to the general wear and tear of daily living. While we most often think of this as affecting floors and furniture,

by Super | 07 February 2020

Check Your Home for Water Damage

Time: 1 hour Signs of water damage can range from the extremely obvious to the very subtle–but all types of water damage pose a serious risk to your home

by Super | 30 January 2020

How to Clean Your Showerhead

Time: 5-20 mins Your tap water contains all sorts of microscopic elements and, over time, mineral deposits can build up and clog the small holes in your shower head. The

by Super | 24 January 2020