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Fire Extinguisher Safety Check

Time: 10 Minutes The risk of residential fires increases dramatically during winter months. It’s important to make sure your fire extinguishers are in good, working order. So brush up

by Super team| 14 February 2017

Improve your Health with Humidifiers

According to the Mayo Clinic the ideal home humidity range is between 30-50%. In the winter, indoor air can have humidity levels as low as 10%. Most smart thermostats have

by Super team| 02 February 2017

Clean and Protect the Wood in Your Home

Time: 1 day In most parts of the country, winter's icy blast means turning up the heat in your home. You'll be toasty, but your HVAC system could dry out

by Super team| 24 January 2017

Seal Granite Countertops for Longer Life

Time: 3 days Granite countertops add beauty to your kitchen and raise your home's resale value, but only if they're cared for properly. Natural stone is a durable, heat-resistant work

by Super team| 01 December 2016

Clean Room Vents for Optimal Heating

Time: 30 minutes You’ll find it no surprise that your central heating system is full of a lot of hot air. But if your wall vents or floor registers

by Super team| 17 November 2016

How to Waterproof Your Basement

Time: 60+ minutes Want to turn your basement into a bonus room? Optimizing your basement space can transform your home, but a single pesky leak makes your basement musty and

by Super team| 10 November 2016

Prepare Your Furnace for Winter Work

Time: 1 hour Fall’s here. Prep accordingly. Stay warm during the worst weather of the year with early furnace inspections and upgrades. Let a repair tech handle this work

by Super team| 14 October 2016

Change Your Fridge Filter

Time: 5 minutes If your refrigerator has a water dispenser or icemaker, change the filter twice a year. Over time, minerals will build-up on your filter, reducing its ability to

by Super team| 29 September 2016

Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Time: 45 minutes You love your hardwood floors. But when was the last time you actually cared for them? Winter heating can dry out flooring, resulting in gaps and buckles,

by Super team| 23 September 2016