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Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Time: 30 minutes

Colorless, odorless–and dangerous. Carbon monoxide can pose serious health risks when left undetected. Like commonly-installed smoke alarms, not all homes are equipped with alert systems for carbon monoxide. Follow these easy steps to install and properly maintain carbon monoxide detectors and keep your home safe.

What's in it for you?

  • A safe home
  • Monitoring system for appliance malfunctions


  1. Location, location, location. At minimum, install carbon monoxide detectors on each level of your house (including your basement). To be especially safe, install one near or inside each bedroom. You want the alarms to be close enough to wake you up.

Pro Tip: Don’t place your detectors near gas emitting appliances such as gas stoves, furnaces or fireplaces. Also, avoid areas with blowing air or drafts.

  1. Start installing. If your carbon monoxide detector is wall mounted (not a plug-in) use a drill or screwdriver to install on your wall or ceiling according to packaging instructions. The instructions will also tell you how high or low to place your detector from the floor.

  2. Power up. Change out the batteries in all of your carbon monoxide detectors and note the date you’ve changed them on a calendar. For plug-in models, simply plug them into a wall socket to power up. Often, plug-in models will have batteries as a fail-safe feature so make sure those are changed as well.

  3. Test the sound. Trigger the alarm on each of your detectors once installed. This will not only confirm they workbut also let you know what they sound like.

  4. Plan ahead. Frequently test and change the batteries in all of your detectors. Make sure your family members know what the alarm sounds like, and make a plan for what to do if one of the alarms goes off.

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