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Install Window A/C to Beat the Summer Heat

Time: 15-30 minutes

It’s hot and it’s sticky — Summer heat can be as uncomfortable as an unwelcome guest. Even worse, it can damage your home and derail your summer maintenance plans. No fear. You can install a window air conditioner to beat the summer heat.

What's in it for you?

  • A more comfortable home environment
  • Reduced heat damage to your home
  • Better sleep

Install a Window Air Conditioner

  1. Open the window and inspect the frame for cracks. A broken frame is likely to cause your A/C unit to fall to the ground. Not cool. You also want to make sure the window opens vertically. Installing an air conditioner in a window that opens horizontally is possible but requires additional plywood above the A/C unit.

  2. Install brackets on the inside of your window. Press the small brackets that came with your A/C unit into the sill and screw them into place. Make sure to space these inch-long pieces evenly and install them on both top and bottom sills so your air conditioner is properly supported.

  3. Put the air conditioner in the brackets. Take a deep breath and pick up your unit. (Don’t be afraid to phone a friend for this one.) Slide the air conditioner into the window brackets and adjust the tilt so that the unit sits with a slight downward slant — the incline helps water run out and prevents damage.

  4. Secure the air conditioner. Hold the unit in place and pull the top window pane down as far as it will go. Don’t let go yet. Slowly take one hand off the air conditioner and check its balance. Doesn’t move? It’s secure — high-fives all around.

  5. Expand the air conditioner sashes. Pull the accordion sashes of your air conditioner out to fill in the rest of the window frame. These sashes are on the left and right of the unit and press up against the inside of the window frame.

  6. Seal the gaps. Even after pulling out the sashes, there’s typically gaps of a few eighths of an inch between the unit and the window frame. Good news: your unit should have come with foam pieces to seal these gaps. Cut the foam to fit and press it into the gaps. Tape it down and voilà — your unit is installed.

Pro Tip: Having trouble securing your air conditioner while maintaining a downward slant? Keep it from falling and breaking by propping the unit up with a 4 x 4 board.

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