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Paint a Room (Like a Pro)

Time: 5 hours

Whether you’ve just moved in, or you’re in desperate need of a change, fresh paint is the best way to give your rooms a new life. Before going to town with a brush and a paint can (and potentially a huge mess), follow these steps to prepare and paint your rooms like a pro.

What's in it for you?

  • New look and feel for your walls.
  • Increased property value.


  1. Grab the right gear. To tackle painting like a professional painter, you need more tools than just a paintbrush. Invest in a paint scraper, paint trays, paint rollers, plus extensions and drop cloths–and yes, paint brushes too.

Pro Tip: Wondering how much paint to purchase? Calculate your square footage by multiplying the total width of your room by the height and divide that number by 400. The number you’re left with is the gallons of paint you need.

  1. Prep your paint. Use a paint for your walls or trim that’s a 2-in-1 primer. Mix it with a disposable stick or paint stirrer for three minutes (minimum) before using. When pouring your paint into the paint tray, go easy–you want plenty of space to wipe excess paint off your roller.

  2. Trim first. If you’re planning to paint your trim, start with that before tackling your walls. Make sure your walls are clean and free of any marks and paint in even strokes with the grain of the wood. Don’t worry too much about keeping perfect edges–you’ll paint over any bleed with your wall paint.

  3. Tape it off. Once your trim is dry carefully tape off the edges of your baseboards and trim to avoid paint splatter. Use your scraper to gently seal the tape against your walls. If you’re confident with your paintbrush skills you don’t need to tape off all of your trim–just tape your baseboard.

  4. ‘Cut’ and roll your way around Start painting one wall at a time. Begin by “cutting in” or painting the area where your wall meets your trim and baseboards. Dip half your paint roller in paint, and roll on the upper part of the tray to even out. Paint the middle of your walls in a “W” shape then follow with horizontal lines until the wall is covered.

Pro Tip: Avoid overloading your roller–too much paint can leave your walls looking messy.

  1. Set, repeat, and store. Once you’ve applied all your coats of paint, make sure your room stays well ventilated as it dries–paint fumes can potentially leave you feeling ill. When you’re done with your paints make sure they’re tightly sealed and stored in a cool dry area away from heat or other fire hazards.
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