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Flush and Turn off Outdoor Faucets

Time: 15 minutes

Whether it’s damage from cold weather or a persistent leak, unattended outdoor faucets can cause costly damages to your house. Avoid unnecessary repairs, and detect any damages by draining and shutting them off before the winter months.

What's in it for you?

  • Avoid expensive repairs
  • Prepare your home for winter
  • Prevent interior flooding


  1. Disconnect & store. Remove any attached hoses from your outdoor faucets. Drain them completely to store indoors during the colder months–hoses left outside can break and form cracks.

  2. Turn off the water. Inside your house, turn off the main water supply valve. Before heading back outside make sure all of the individual supply valves for each faucet (located on or near the ceiling near the main valve) are still ‘on.’

  3. Drain away. Outside, place a bucket under each exterior faucet and turn them on to drain any residual water. Once you’ve drained all the faucets be sure to leave them turned ‘on’ to allow any extra water to drain.

  4. Bleed the pipes. Back inside, position a bucket underneath one of the individual supply valves for the faucets. Carefully unscrew the bleed cap (the plastic screw top on the top of the valve) and drain the remaining water into the bucket. Re-tighten the cap and repeat with each valve before shutting off each outdoor faucet.

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