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Fix Your Faucet Flow

Time: 10 Minutes

If you notice your faucet has increasingly poor water pressure, your aerator (think: filter screen) is likely the culprit. Your aerator is located where water exits the faucet and is designed to mix water and air together to create an even flow, prevent splashing and conserve water.

Over time, minerals naturally found in water can accumulate and form deposits on the aerator, restricting water flow. While mineral deposits can be difficult to remove, CLR does a great job of eating up calcium, lime and rust deposits. You can also soak the aerator in white vinegar overnight.

To clean the aerator:

Unscrew it from the faucet spout. If it is too tight to remove by hand, use pliers and wrap masking tape or a rubber glove around the aerator to prevent scratching.

Soak the aerator overnight in CLR or vinegar.

Rinse it with water and reattach it to the faucet, tightening by hand.

If the aerator looks corroded or otherwise damaged, take it to your nearest home center to find a replacement. They usually cost less than $10.

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