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Clean Your A/C’s Condensate Line

Time: 30 minutes

With the weather heating up, and summer just around the corner, your A/C is going to start working even harder. Now is a great time to clean out your A/C’s condensate drain line (the part that removes excess water dripping off of your A/C’s inside unit). Removing clogs that may have built up over time, can save you from costly leaks or breakdowns.

What's in it for you?

  • Prevent leaks and water damage
  • Keep your A/C system running smoothly


  1. Switch everything off. Before you start to do anything, turn off power to your HVAC system. Make sure you shut it off at the breaker and the thermostat.

  2. Clean the drain pan. A good sign that you have a clog is if your A/C’s drain pan is full or overflowing. Check the pan first (you might need to remove the A/C units metal front panel) and empty out any excess water. Clean it out with mild soap to get rid of any mold or algae.

  3. Snake the drain(s). Check the outside point of your drain line to make sure it’s not blocked or clogged by anything outside. Next, find your drain line access point. Often it’s shaped like a ‘T’ with a cap on one end, and another leading to your drain point. Take off the cap for access to the drain line. Using a zip tie, a drain snake, (or something similar) poke it about a foot down the drain to push through any clogs.

  4. Flush it out. Pour about two cups of distilled vinegar, or hot water with mild dish soap, down the drain once it’s snaked. Wait for about 20 minutes before completing the final step.

  5. Rinse and repeat. Rinse your lines with clean water. You might need to do this a couple of times. Have someone watch the other end to make sure the line is clear and the water is fully draining clearly before putting everything back together.

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