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Change Your Fridge Filter

Time: 5 minutes

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser or icemaker, change the filter twice a year. Over time, minerals will build-up on your filter, reducing its ability to clean out contaminants and making it more difficult for water to pass through. Wait too long, and that buildup could start harboring bacteria or mold. Most refrigerators have a status indicator light to let you know when it’s time to switch.

What's in it for you?

  • Cleaner drinking water and ice
  • Fewer repairs

3 Signs it's Time to Change Your Filter:

  1. A change in taste can indicate your filter is no longer clearing out chemicals, minerals, and microbes as effectively as it should be. You may also notice a difference in smell.
  2. Cloudy or clumped ice is a sign your water is higher in dissolved solids or mineral content, and that your filter isn’t working as well as it should be. Cloudy ice may be harder to notice with the crushed ice feature, but will be apparent in your cubes.
  3. Slow flow from the dispenser usually means mineral build-up on the filter has made it difficult for water to pass through. If it’s taking you longer to fill your glass, it’s time for a new filter.

How to Change your Filter*:

  1. Order/purchase a replacement filter. Check your owner's manual for the part # and ordering instructions.
  2. Locate the filter. On most models, the filter is on the refrigerator grill at the base of the fridge, or in the back upper-right corner of your refrigerator. It will appear in a circular cut out, or as a cylindrical tube.
  3. Remove the old filter from your fridge. Depending on your refrigerator model, your filter may twist out or there may be a release button. If your model twists, turn the old filter a quarter-turn to the left to unlock the filter.
  4. Pull the filter straight out and discard it.
  5. Push the new filter in until it stops. For refrigerators with a release button, the button will pop out once the filter has been inserted properly. For twist units, you'll want to turn the filter a quarter turn to the right to lock it into place. Remember to remove any protective caps from your new filter before you install.
  6. Run 2-3 gallons of water through the filter to flush it. Most filters are made of carbon, which can leave residue or a bitter taste in your water.
  7. Reset the indicator light. Your owner’s manual will have specific instructions on how to do this, but for most models, you simply push the button several times or press it down for a few seconds. If your fridge doesn't have an indicator light, place a small piece of masking tape on the outside of the filter and label it with the date it was replaced.

*These directions apply to most refrigerators. Consult your owner’s manual for model specific instructions.

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