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Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Time: 45 minutes

You love your hardwood floors. But when was the last time you actually cared for them? Winter heating can dry out flooring, resulting in gaps and buckles, and a few years without a maintenance cleaning can leave your floors looking dull, scratched, and lifeless. Let’s fix that.

A little cleaning with a good wood flooring cleaner will give your floor a polish and boost for the coming years.

What’s in it for you?

  • Longer floor life span
  • Beautified home

Maintenance is easier than you think:

  1. Vacuum your floor using the bare floor setting. Make sure the wheels are clean so you don’t damage your floor. Don’t use a beater bar head vacuum on the wood, the brushes can scratch the finish.
  2. Every couple of months, clean it with a wood floor cleaner and a damp mop or cloth. Too much water is wood’s worst enemy, so wring out your mop or cloth until it’s almost dry before you use it. Let the floor dry completely before walking on it or replacing furniture.
  3. Consider using a humidifier during the winter months if you notice significant drying and gapping.

Longer term: every 3-5 years, you should apply a new coat of finish to your floors. And if your floors see a lot of action (traffic, spills, pets, kids) have the surface sanded and refinished every 10 years. For best results, have a professional knock it out for you.

Want us to do it for you? Give us a call at 844-99-SUPER and we’ll send a Pro ASAP.

Hardwood Care Tips:


  • Sweep and vacuum often. Ground-in dirt can destroy wooden floors.
  • Use a cleaner recommended for your finish. Wood floors can be surface-sealed, penetrating-seal-treated, oil-treated, lacquered, or waxed. You may need a special cleaning regimen depending on your finish type.


  • Use abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners, which can dull or scratch the finish.
  • Damp-mop if you have wax floors. For these, you’ll want to strip the old wax and apply a fresh new coat each year.
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