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Clean or Replace Tarnished Door Handles

Time: 45 minutes Like anything you use every day, your interior door handles can easily get tarnished or worn out. But don’t let the fear of a costly professional

by Super | 11 September 2019

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Time: 30 minutes Colorless, odorless–and dangerous. Carbon monoxide can pose serious health risks when left undetected. Like commonly-installed smoke alarms, not all homes are equipped with alert systems for

by Super | 15 August 2019

Replace Your Refrigerator Gasket

Time: 30 minutes The refrigerator gasket forms an air-tight seal that keeps cold air inside the fridge and warm air out. Constantly opening and closing your refrigerator door can take

by Super | 17 April 2019

Clean Your Pop-up Drain Stopper

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours Your sink’s pop-up drain stopper turns your sink into a tiny tub, but all the gunk you put down it collects over time.

by Super | 30 January 2019

Unclog Your Sink Without a Plunger or Snake

Time: 10-20 minutes You fixed the toilet — but now the sink is clogged. Of course. The plunger isn’t working and you definitely don’t have a drain snake (and

by Super | 16 August 2018

Install Window A/C to Beat the Summer Heat

Time: 15-30 minutes It’s hot and it’s sticky — Summer heat can be as uncomfortable as an unwelcome guest. Even worse, it can damage your home and derail your

by Super | 13 June 2018