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Inspect Your Garage Door for Safety

Time: 30 minutes You hit the button, the door goes up, and you’re onto the next activity. Most of the time, we don’t give our garage door a

by Super team| 22 June 2017

Are You Using Too Much Detergent?

Time: 5 minutes Got suds? Using too much soap is one of the leading causes of washing machine breakdowns. Front load machines only require 1-2 tablespoons of detergent per load,

by Super team| 15 June 2017

Prevent an Ice Maker Meltdown

Time: 15 Minutes There’s something so satisfying about an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. Don’t let a broken ice maker put a damper on your

by Super team| 07 June 2017

Change Your Air Filter

Time: 5 minutes Want your AC to beat the heat? Replace the air filter. Your filter is designed to keep your AC system clean, preventing breakdowns. Dust and other allergens

by Super team| 25 May 2017

Annual Dishwasher Inspection & Cleaning

Time: 20 minutes Your dishwasher… you love it, but do you really give it the love it deserves? If nothing else, you've got to do a yearly maintenance inspection and

by Super team| 18 May 2017

Pest Prevention to Keep Out Mice & Rats

Time: 1 day Despite their cute cartoon personas, you definitely don't want a mouse in your house. Mice and rats can carry diseases and cause damage to your home by

by Super team| 04 May 2017

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Time: 1-2 days May 1-5 is Air Quality Awareness Week, and the Environmental Protection Agency wants you to spend some time thinking about the air you breathe. This year's theme

by Super team| 26 April 2017

How to Patch Wall Holes

Time: 1 hour-2 days Over time, your home is subject to the general wear and tear of daily living. While we most often think of this as affecting floors and

by Super team| 19 April 2017