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Fix Your Fireplace Damper to Keep the Smoke Out

Time: 1 ½ hours That snap, crackle, pop in your fireplace makes for super-cozy evenings at home, but where there is fire, there is smoke. Clean or replace your fireplace damper

by Super team| 14 November 2018

Line Your Crawl Space to Protect It from Mold

Time: 1 day You found your crawl space and checked it for mold and moisture. Congrats! You’re well on your way to resting (and breathing) easier — but not so

by Super team| 31 October 2018

Replace Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Time: 10 mins No one wants to think about plumbing gone wrong, but toilets clog and so do sinks. Some clogs are worse than others and sometimes you’ll even

by Super team| 24 October 2018

Check Your Crawl Space for Mold and Leaks

Time: 2 hours That not-really-a-basement spot under your home that serves as a foundation? That’s your crawl space, not some forbidden zone lurking under the floorboards. It’s a

by Super team| 04 October 2018

Clean Smoke Residue for Spiffier Walls

Time: 10 - 30 minutes Smoke happens, whether it’s from the popcorn flambé you made in your microwave or your furry wrecking ball tipping a candle over and starting

by Super team| 27 September 2018

Trim Your Trees to Prevent Falling Branches

Time - 1 - 3 hours Crack, snap, CRASH — sounds no homeowner wants to hear in their yard. It’s probably that old tree you’ve been eyeing all summer.

by Super team| 20 September 2018

Clean Your Trash Compactor to Prevent Breakdowns

Time: 30-60 minutes Of course, trash compactors are noisy — They crush all your trash into a small, manageable bundle. But there may come a day when the usual grinding begins

by Super team| 07 September 2018