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Trim Your Trees to Prevent Falling Branches

Time - 1 - 3 hours Crack, snap, CRASH — sounds no homeowner wants to hear in their yard. It’s probably that old tree you’ve been eyeing all summer.

by Super team| 20 September 2018

Clean Your Trash Compactor to Prevent Breakdowns

Time: 30-60 minutes Of course, trash compactors are noisy — They crush all your trash into a small, manageable bundle. But there may come a day when the usual grinding begins

by Super team| 07 September 2018

Clean Your Natural Stone for Strength and Longevity

Time: 1-2 hours Natural stone — It’s in your floors, showers, and even garden decorations. This mineral-based stone is especially prone to mold, mildew, and stain buildup. (Pssst, you know

by Super team| 23 August 2018

Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger

Time: 5-10 mins per method The water is flowing into the bowl, but instead of going down the drain, it’s filling the basin. UH OH, your toilet is probably

by Super team| 19 July 2018

Repair Window Screens to Keep Out Bugs

Time: 15 minutes per window It’s the season to throw open those windows, people — warmer weather is upon us. But before you do, check your screens. These mesh coverings

by Super team| 11 July 2018