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Repair Window Screens to Keep Out Bugs

Time: 15 minutes per window It’s the season to throw open those windows, people — warmer weather is upon us. But before you do, check your screens. These mesh coverings

by Super team| 11 July 2018

Power Wash Your Driveway for Fewer Cracks

Time: 45-60 minutes Spring maintenance — done. Up next — power washing your driveway. Over time, cracks in your concrete collect dirt and mold, which expand in high temperatures. Expansion turns hairline

by Super team| 05 June 2018

Tune Up Your Lawn Mower for a Spiffy Lawn

Time: 30-60 minutes Your lawn mower is the heavyweight champion in the fight against an ugly lawn. Show the champ some love with a routine maintenance to keep it running

by Super team| 10 May 2018