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Caring For Your Washing Machine

Time: 30 minutes The clothes you put into the washing machine aren’t the only things that need to be cleaned. Clean and care for your machine regularly in a

by Super | 05 November 2019

Flush and Turn off Outdoor Faucets

Time: 15 minutes Whether it’s damage from cold weather or a persistent leak, unattended outdoor faucets can cause costly damages to your house. Avoid unnecessary repairs, and detect any

by Super | 31 October 2019

How to Waterproof Your Basement

Time: 60+ minutes Want to turn your basement into a bonus room? Optimizing your basement space can transform your home, but a single pesky leak makes your basement musty and

by Super | 24 October 2019

Prepare Your Furnace for Winter Work

Time: 1 hour Fall’s here. Prep accordingly. Stay warm during the worst weather of the year with early furnace inspections and upgrades. Let a repair tech handle this work

by Super | 08 October 2019

Replace Your Toilet’s Flapper Valve

Time: 20 minutes Have you checked your toilet tank and found that it’s leaking water and running longer than normal? Then it’s probably time to replace your toilet

by Super | 01 October 2019

Clean and Fix Your Gutters

Your gutter system does more than keep your roofline from becoming a waterfall during heavy rain. It also prevents the ground immediately surrounding your foundation from becoming waterlogged -- thwarting

by Super | 25 September 2019

Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Time: 30 minutes Your kitchen’s exhaust fan works hard, and if it’s not regularly cleaned it can become a dangerous fire hazard. De-grease it in a few easy

by Super | 19 September 2019

Clean or Replace Tarnished Door Handles

Time: 45 minutes Like anything you use every day, your interior door handles can easily get tarnished or worn out. But don’t let the fear of a costly professional

by Super | 11 September 2019

Clean Your Outdoor Trash Can

Time: 30 minutes Throwing out garbage is one of the most dreaded household chores. No one wants to deal with spilled garbage or residue that can build up on the

by Super | 05 September 2019