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How to Clean Your Showerhead

Time: 5-20 mins Your tap water contains all sorts of microscopic elements and, over time, mineral deposits can build up and clog the small holes in your shower head. The

by Super | 09 October 2020

Check Your Crawl Space for Mold and Leaks

Time: 2 hours That not-really-a-basement spot under your home that serves as a foundation? That’s your crawl space, not some forbidden zone lurking under the floorboards. It’s a

by Super | 28 September 2020

How to Maintain Stainless Steel Appliances

Time: 20-30 minutes Stainless steel is a popular choice for kitchens and even bathrooms because of its sleek good looks and excellent rust resistance. It may be stainless, but it's

by Super | 28 September 2020

Are You Using Too Much Detergent?

Time: 15 minutes Got suds? Using too much soap is one of the leading causes of washing machine breakdowns. Front load machines only require 1-2 tablespoons of detergent per load,

by Super | 17 September 2020

Clean Your Outdoor Grill

Time: 1 hour Summer is peak season for backyard cookouts and you’ve probably put your grill   to good use. Before fall begins, now’s a good time to give

by Super | 16 September 2020

Replace Your Washing Machine Hoses

Time: 30 minutes While convenient, your washer is one of the greatest flood hazards in your home. If your washer has rubber hoses, you should plan to swap them out

by Super | 04 September 2020

Ice Maker Maintenance

Time: 15 Minutes There’s something so satisfying about an ice cold drink–don’t let a broken ice maker put a damper on your spirits. It only takes a

by Super | 04 September 2020