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Replace Your Refrigerator Gasket

Time: 30 minutes The refrigerator gasket forms an air-tight seal that keeps cold air inside the fridge and warm air out. Constantly opening and closing your refrigerator door can take

by Super | 17 April 2019

Deep Clean Your Washing Machine

Time: 2-3 hours Are your clothes coming out of the wash smelling worse than when you threw them in? You’ve got bacteria, mold and mildew build-up in your washing

by Super | 10 April 2019

Replace Worn-Out Dryer Parts to Stop the Racket

Time: 1-2 hours If your dryer is pulling double duty as a noise-rock musical instrument with squealing, grinding, or thumping sounds, it’s probably time for to open it up

by Super | 28 February 2019

Clean Your Pop-up Drain Stopper

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours Your sink’s pop-up drain stopper turns your sink into a tiny tub, but all the gunk you put down it collects over time.

by Super | 30 January 2019

Install Heat Cables to Melt Ice Dams

Time: 3 hours So, you already tried to stop ice dams from forming, but did it work? Trust us, you do not want these dangerous ice ridge formations (and the

by Super | 23 January 2019